Monday, November 29, 2010

dress you up

here are a few items i'm into right now.
gold handmade fluevog boots. 
black gucci boots. i got these in '97. my rent in san francisco was $850 for a studio. these were half that. your welcome neiman marcus.
i can't for the life of me find a polka dotted scarf. SO, i made my own little neck tie.
i cut up a v-neck and tore off the sleeve. layers wonderfully.
instead of tying a knot, i'll be sporting this with a baby rubber band to hold it together and perhaps a tiny silver stud earring in place of a pin.
this was just a black blazer. i added light grey binding. if i were a boy, i'd be jamie hince. 
i made this years ago. it's simple black mesh held together with black bias tape. super slinky, has a soft drape about it.
this is how i like to wear it. red skinny jeans are on my wish list.

i can't get enough of this song:


  1. but...but...i wanna see these ON you! ;)

  2. awww. well i'm frightened that someone will take said pictures and create a fake dating site profile for which someone posing as me requests dates of being choked out, then violated 10 different ways; and in that specific order.