Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

liberation now!

dear ethan/sawyer/mikael/and or joe, 
that beard you've been sporting the last 2 years...well, your girlfriend doesn't want to say this, but she hates the way that porcupine bush pirate feels on her bits. it makes her break out. besides, the ironic look is no longer necessary now that you've added denim keds to your shoe wardrobe. shave, because you look like a total fuck face. 
ps: sorry i drove over your fixie bicycle.
love, alice

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

stencil portrait series: #7

one of the best things to ever come out of a friendship i had at age 19 with a very handsome speed freak was his introduction of russ meyer films. i've only seen a handful, but the 2 that i love and dare say cherish are beyond the valley of the dolls and faster pussycat, kill!...kill! the later, the ultimate race car girl gang. my favorite female character: varla. watch it, you'll see why elvis wanted to make her his own. RIP, tura satana.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

stencil portrait series: #6

like really bad pop music that's played so often, you eventually kind of embrace it, i've been slowly digesting the the physical attributes of steven tyler, though with some hesitance. truth be told, he's got great hair. he's a reason i'm playing around with the idea of growing out my bangs finally. alright, in all seriousness, his features are so exaggerated that i was going to make a stencil out of his glorious face. but, as i started dissecting the shapes, i realized, fuck, he's just going to look like kat von d. nothing wrong with that, just not exactly what i want. and with this conclusion, is how i got to gaga. not a fan of her music, don't know that much about her, but i am somewhat fascinated by her rise. i know...it's called marketing. perhaps m.i.a. said it best:
"None of her music’s reflective of how weird she wants to be or thinks she is. She models herself on Grace Jones and Madonna, but the music sounds like 20-year-old Ibiza music, you know? She’s not progressive, but she’s a good mimic."

Thursday, January 12, 2012

the breaks - planningtorock

i love this song. this video is not for everyone. if you get "the knife", you'll get this. somewhere, gaga is taking hardcore notes.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

worst tattoo. ever.

i admit that i've had a few bad ideas. like when i decided to grow out my arm pit hair this past summer. after 3 weeks of indulgent bohemianism, i showed my friend (a person whom gets electrolysis) my progress. "that is disgusting," she commented. i think she was jealous because all there was to show off was about 10 little, sad, far spaced hairs. it was nothing to be proud of so i shaved them off. then there was last week, when i watched "the help" at my friend's house; no make up except for my liquid eyeliner. i thought it was a feel-good comedy, but just ended up crying off the liner "the crow" style. got a nasty sinus headache that night from blowing my nose so much. side note: i hope viola davis wins an oscar. but those examples are nothing compared with this trophy for all eternity. this guy lost a bet. loser had to take 3 darts, throw them at a "mad-libs" excerpt, and which ever words the darts landed on, he had to get said words tattooed. i wanna say there are no words to describe this. but then again, it's pretty clear: "camel", "mom", and "palm tree". absolute true story, by the way.

Friday, January 6, 2012

things i'm into

i am but a simple person, with simple likes and dislikes. any kind of cheese = like. fruit in my pastries = dislike. anything on the history channel = like. anything with katherine heigl = dislike. see, super simple. here are a few items i like right now.

some people collect 3" plastic dunnies, some people collect broken hearts. i am a collector of all things jacket. this red leather jacket was the cherry find of 2011, and all i had to do was brave black friday. when i was 10 or 11, my dad bought a slim fitted, fire engine red leather jacket (as most people did when "thriller" came out.) i remember he wore it often. once, after working with a gay male client in san francisco, i over heard him tell my mom that said gay complimented my dad on the jacket. i knew that one day, that jacket must be mine. on a recent visit to my parents' house, my mom asked me how that jacket was. i wish i knew. i really do. alas, it was the one that got away.

i got rid of all my faux fur coats right before i moved to nyc. it was just as well. my only closet in my studio apartment back there was no bigger than a california common hallway closet: shallow and thin. so for over a decade, faux fur hasn't existed to me. not until i saw a girl wearing the perfect leopard print coat on a cold winter's night in downtown la a few months ago did i realize that i missed my faux fur. after looking for months at high end and low end stores, i found one i fancy. i plan on wearing this with my red suede, velcro high tops as soon as the weather permits.

i love these shoes. i still haven't broken them in yet, but i plan on it. gonna have to wear them miami vice style: no socks.

this is a treasure. i remember the night i received it like it was yesterday (probably because it was only last month.) it was 3:30 am, i had just bailed my friend out of huntington beach jail (i can just hear her now, griping, "you're mentioning jail? shoot my face!") for the record, that place was a motherfucker to find. i had to call the joint 4 times to find the walkway. thought they were pranking me with their crumby directions - crap punishment, guilt by association, i say. after driving her to her car which was left where they arrested her, (less than a mile from her house; bummer luck) she came to my drivers' side window, a box in hand. "hey, i think you might like this," she said, as she handed it to me. i opened the box, to see another box within another box, then finally, this lovely pocket watch. maybe it was the half bag of snickers minis and the bottle of spring water i greeted her with as she walked out free from the other side of the jail ward, or the fact that i just lost my bail bond virginity at approximately 2 am tuesday morning, or that time served in prison really effects you; whatever the reason, she presented me such a cool time piece that i love, a giving gesture that oddly goes hand in hand forever with an unforgettable event associated with the bailing out of a city inmate.