Tuesday, September 27, 2011

things i'm into

when i was 19, i met my first adult best friend. what i mean by that is: we met outside of growing up together on the school playground, or thru our parents' group of friends. her name was helena and at that crucial time of figuring out who you are, who you want to be, we had each other. in typical best friend-lore, she was the prettier one and all the guys loved her. (remember before the internet, there used to be a section in the paper called "missed connections" and it always went like: you: hot girl. me: boy with hat. saw you at the cafe, you looked at me when you walked by..." well, a guy wrote her one of those.) it didn't hurt that she was tall, thin, and looked like and dressed like justine frischmann at the same time elastica exploded onto the scene. she was kind, loving, loyal, yet equally manipulative and passive aggressive. today, one might refer to her as a "mean girl". you know that friend that shows up on your doorstep with a box of tylenol cold and flowers, then tells you,"take 2 of these and get dressed. we're going out." that was her, and saying no at that point would have been some kind of friend-treason with plenty of ugly silence from her later. this went on for a few years.
eventually, i moved to nyc while she decided to take the side of an ex of mine; in short, i've never seen nor heard from her since. i recently found a ring that she gave me from when we were closest and was shocked to find it still fits the same finger as it did more than 15 years ago. "here, i want you to have this. i've got a matching one in blue," she said as she handed it to me. it was the first time anyone ever gave me a matching ring.
courtesy of helena.

this ring was at one time someone's spoon back in the day. there's an amazing vendor on market street in san francisco that makes these. i first bought a ring from him about 15 years ago when i went to school in san francisco. was so happy to see he was still there when i stopped by a few months ago and picked this up.

they look nice when worn together.

did i mention i love gold nuggets?

i love these john fluevog boots. don't bother trying to locate them. i got the 2nd to last pair. i know they look a little gothtard leprechaun but i swear not at all when you put them on. 

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