Thursday, February 24, 2011

stuff i'm into right now

i know you wanted a stencil today. i did too. i ran my latest portrait subject by someone who thought it was a little bit un-PC and that i might get doubly in trouble if i get caught with it. ugh. better judgement, damn you. don't get me wrong, i'm still working on the image, just not sure if i'll do it or not. so as i mill around the idea, here are a couple of things i'm into.
sinful colors - gogo girl #852. at first, i wasn't feeling this red. it's not a blue red as i like. it's more of a magnum p.i. ferrari red. but after it was set on my nails a few hours, i noticed that although it's a tad fuschia, it's actually really flattering. my skin looks remarkably pale against it, which is not a bad thing at all. it feels very springy and youthful, in fact. a great change from the midnight blue i've been wearing as of late. you can get this at any drugstore (i got mine at rite aid.)
do you like random ceramic goods? i do! i got this kitty bowl at marukai on artesia. they have the best selection of inexpensive ceramics as well as random japanese food stuffs. this was $2. yay.
alas, i'm using its tummy to store my rings. did someone say purrrfect? (sorry.)

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