Wednesday, February 2, 2011


i've seen the girl with the dragon tattoo trilogy. with the exception of the first installment, i multitasked while it played in the background...anyways, who cares about my review. this is what i like:
since this is a spread in "W", i realize that rooney mara is completely stylized and designered out. the character in the movie might not look like this; she may very well be creepered out, hot topic style. ick. BUT here, i'm neither frightened nor wondering if she has an einst├╝rzende neubauten tattoo on her inside wrist. the edginess captured is hott and, yeah, i kinda wanna touch her hair.


  1. meh. i liked noomi rapace better!! this version strikes me as a form of good girl dress up. (i do like goth girls though!)

  2. i see where you're coming from...noomi rapace looked the part. seriously, i feel like i've seen her doppleganger in lbc. but i need to watch the fincher version before i can agree since these pics are not entirely fair being an editorial in W and all.