Monday, January 31, 2011

teenage dream

i am not a fan of modern day american pop music. it's vapid. and just plain awful. i have no idea how the rest of the world tolerates it. a big offender as well as perpetuator: katy perry. OR so i thought...
it was one lovely day that i received my nylon magazine in the mail. oh, zooey dechanel! failure to launch? yes man? elf? bones' sister? i love her! no, wait - what the....?! katy perry?! i had to do a double take. i had been deceived; it was indeed katy perry. shortly afterwards started my bizarre series of pop star make out dreams. the first partaker: yes, katy perry. we ****** and then i ***** and then she totally ********. i know, right?
when the video for "teenage dream" came on tv, i didn't instinctually change the channel. in fact, i watched it in its entirety. whaaaaa??? when "firework" became a single, the bartender at the dive bar asked me,"what do you want to hear?" and i gleefully requested it. (poor thing, he tried to spell "katy" with a "c" in the electronic juke box. which was surprising because he's a young gay guy, they love her, don't they? how does he find her on his ipod?)
alas, i now have to admit: katy perry's songs are catchy. i kinda like her. and if you do too, pilfer this stencil i've made and prove it.

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