Tuesday, January 10, 2012

worst tattoo. ever.

i admit that i've had a few bad ideas. like when i decided to grow out my arm pit hair this past summer. after 3 weeks of indulgent bohemianism, i showed my friend (a person whom gets electrolysis) my progress. "that is disgusting," she commented. i think she was jealous because all there was to show off was about 10 little, sad, far spaced hairs. it was nothing to be proud of so i shaved them off. then there was last week, when i watched "the help" at my friend's house; no make up except for my liquid eyeliner. i thought it was a feel-good comedy, but just ended up crying off the liner "the crow" style. got a nasty sinus headache that night from blowing my nose so much. side note: i hope viola davis wins an oscar. but those examples are nothing compared with this trophy for all eternity. this guy lost a bet. loser had to take 3 darts, throw them at a "mad-libs" excerpt, and which ever words the darts landed on, he had to get said words tattooed. i wanna say there are no words to describe this. but then again, it's pretty clear: "camel", "mom", and "palm tree". absolute true story, by the way.

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