Thursday, February 16, 2012

how to repurpose an old sweatshirt

i have a few blank children's sized, long sleeved sweatshirts in my closet that i more recently rediscovered. i also have a bunch of solid craft felt i use to make little stuffed creatures out of. put them both together, and one can repurpose a sweatshirt with a fun little design. here's how. you'll need:
- a sweatshirt (i don't recommend anything with stretch. the felt will bubble and become uneven as you sew.)
- quilting thread in whatever color you like
- sewing needle
- felt
- paper and pencil
- pins

1. start with a simple sketch. think of the shapes as cookie cut outs. the simpler, the better. 

2. cut the shapes out and place them where you'd like on the garment to get an idea for size and placement. 

3. i like to add some hand stitched detail on mine with contrast thread.

4. place it, then pin it in place.

5. hand sew accordingly and, ta da!

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