Tuesday, February 7, 2012

jake envy

i have an awkward time receiving compliments. i'm talking kristen stewart awkward. is there a term for adult bashfulness in such a situation? i'm always flattered that someone would want to say something nice to me, and i'm always quick to say, "thank you." but because my words escape me, it seems like my thank you is a sarcastic one. not at all! i want to deflect the conversation from me, ("hey, it that hummus over there? or your tights are indeed cute) and chat about plans for the weekend or how hot alexis krauss is. i don't mind telling you this. i mean, it's just us right now...my kryptonite: compliments from attractive girls. on a recent social outing, a very attractive girl said some lovely words to me that immediately made my hands start to shake as if i was out in the cold - nerves, as i knew my face was about to turn red. i promptly hid them under the table and ordered a drink. unfortunately for me, they didn't serve whiskey...
but the best compliment i've ever received was a night out with my dear friend J. i didn't know anyone at the party, so J introduced me to who she knew. "this is alice. she's my jake ryan." all i could do was smile. sigh, jake ryan. he who has it all: good looks, even greater head of hair, golden life, cherry car, sweater vests, and who gets the girl he's meant to be with in the end. i wish i was jake ryan. i mean, who doesn't want to be jake ryan? so this is my ode to him, and what is to me one of the best movie endings of all time. RIP, john hughes.

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