Monday, January 3, 2011

i love you: freja beha

there are exceptions for everything. for example, i don't have a green thumb. and yet, i insist on keeping orchids...that is, until they inevitably lose their flowers and shrivel up. i can't help it. i can't quit them. and so the cycle begins again...
similarly, i am not into androgyny. except for the likes of freja beha. actually, it isn't fair to call her out as androgynous because it's a reflection of what a stylist wants to project; she's a model, she's a product. it just happens to be that in most cases, she's packaged as a pretty girl looking like a pretty boy. if they were to dress her up as eminem (baggy jeans, beanie, tight thermal top), i'd turn the page. but put her in a loose white tee, tight black leather pants, and i'll probably tear out the page and put it on my "inspiration" board. watch this short, you might become a fan.

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