Tuesday, January 4, 2011

jerk v asshole

when i think about some of the words i was first told not to say nor repeat as a small child, words such as "shut up", "stupid", and "what you talkin' bout?" come to mind. but the one, monosyllabic, derogatory word that is as harsh and blunt (and an all encompassing verbal punch in the face) now as it was back then, i still use to call out those who offend me. j-e-r-k
as an adult, there are quite a few words that we understand to be profane and socially rude and vulgar, such as: douche bag, degenerate, fuckface, and the commonly used asshole. strangely though, "jerk" to me is a far worse name to call someone; it represents someone who is the pinnacle of disrespectful behavior, idiocy, selfishness, and all done so with arrogant purpose. maybe it's because it's the earliest mean word i can remember to call someone disagreeable that it still holds such power. in any case, if i use the term "jerk" on someone, they have no friends here.
examples: when you ask the waiter for a glass of water only to wait 15 minutes, then decide to ask the bus boy who brings you the glass of water at the exact same moment as your waiter finally does, that makes you an asshole. when the same thing happens to someone else, yet that person tips below 15%, that makes them a jerk. 
if (6 years ago) you brought this design to the line review because you're tired of generic verbiage on tees, you're an asshole. (btw - i made this, and brought it to line review 6 years ago.) if you don't see the humor of it during line review, you're a jerk.
so, yeah, that's the difference...

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