Friday, January 14, 2011

over the counter

i have a weakness for pretty girls. i'm not talking about men's magazine types, nor lingerie models...yeah, they're near perfect human specimens alright, but i fancy the "non-norm". give me gap toothed, over bite, big glasses, freckle overload, mass of curly hair, gawky, eyes spread too far apart - any of it, all of it. i find it endearing. what some might call "imperfections", i call unique. i'm a sucker for it. you know what else i'm a sucker for? drugstore nail polish. here are a few of my current favorites:
 sally hansen #79, merlot: it's hard to find a decent red that doesn't register as too orangey or bright. this one dries like a shade of blood: bluish and rich.
 sinful colors #931 see you soon: it's a true midnight blue. looks nearly black once it dries, but catches a pretty blue sparkle in the light. more sophisticated than the lighter blues from teenage hood.
rimmel #270 steel grey: this is not grey really. it's like a dusty mauve. i'm into it.

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