Monday, January 17, 2011

scissor at beauty bar on sundays

i've made an enemy of my liver through complications associated with jack daniel's. my short term memory is slightly damaged, or hazy at best. my fingertips barely have the strength to make contact with the keyboard and type. i. am. exhausted. what is it exactly that i attribute these ailments to? why, irene martinez's new night scissor at beauty bar, of course. duh. she throws a good party, and gets an even better crowd together: pretty girls and stylish andro types, and some mixed in between. though there isn't exactly a dance floor, the music was not to be contained, thus, the crowd made its own little corner that spread outwards as the night progressed. good times were had, new pals were made, drinks were drunk. and i saw some homos kissing. come see for yourself next sunday. you can even get a martini and manicure for $10. cheers.

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