Wednesday, January 5, 2011

keepin' it casual

i know i'm a walking book, a product to be visually judged but with a decent story to be read on the inside. it's funny what people will say to your face, just based on how you look. maybe it's because it was the style awards...i went with my pal j who is a really beautiful, head turning ginger. so when a guy who was talking to her no longer captured her attention, yet, was still standing in our midst turned to me and commented, "so, your style is interesting. a bit like a girl-boy," i didn't have much to say back. i suppose to a pedestrian heterosexual man, my outfit was quite possibly "girl-boy", but wearing black, skin tight jeans, a torn up oversized white tee, black netted tie-scarf, and a slim, fitted, long black blazer to me is today's tattered version of le smoking. to explain such to him, would've been oxygen wasted. oh well. i wear what makes me happy - girl, boy, what have you. here are a few women (plus a dude) whose style also makes me happy.

(disclaimer: i do own skirts.)

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