Wednesday, December 8, 2010

good tees

i can admit it: i have 4 drawers cram packed with tees in all different shades of solid colors, cuts, and fits. but how i feel about graphic tees in particular is equivalent to how i feel about facial piercings: they're ok, i just don't want one on me. 
ok, wait, that's generalizing. i DO have a few graphic tees. what i mean is that i don't have any that you can pick up at an urban outfitters that says "paris, je t'aime" distressed just so, nor "trust me, i'm a doctor". those are just...AWFUL. i have a small collection of vintage graphic tees that i fancy because of the way they're worn in, the particular imagery, and the fact that it's probably the last of 2 in existence (your grandpa has the other one.)
here are a few of my favorites:
"the love is not smooching in parked car." the poor translation captures my heart.
this one sadly has completely shredded in the arm pits and after all the washings, you can actually tell that the manufacturer spaced on this and used blacks from 2 different dye lots: both sleeves are a different tone of black from the body.
oddly, the top of the white patch is not sewn to the garment making the front of the tee a pocket bib. genius.
this represents my catholic school upbringing.
surely another poorly translated tee.
this one isn't vintage, but i threw it in for the obvious. "fingerbang". uh huh. marc jacobs is cheeky. thank you michelle and natalie for this. i love it.

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