Wednesday, December 1, 2010

i love you: an ode to inspiration

a picture says a thousand words, and these women give a-plenty earfuls. to me, at least. each one of them has somehow influenced me through their music, art, or style. it's not just because they're geniuses at their own individual craft. there are plenty of other female musicians, actresses, and models about. but these women express a strong sense of self possession; it's effortless and entirely breathable. and to be honest, if i can't look away from you, i'm yours.
freja beha
nobody wears a plain white tee better.
i love that stylists make her look like jane fonda circa "klute"...
...or completely andro'd out.
eva green
i'm still waiting for "cracks" to come out and to watch her play an all girls boarding school teacher. 
alice glass
cigarette darling
florence welch
if ever an alien were to ask me to explain distance and heartbreak in plain english, i would certainly pull out my ipod, hand them the earbuds, and play "cosmic love". then i'd hand them a tissue.
maria carla (please excuse the blatant nudity)
stunning. and she's not even moving her lips.
alison mosshart
badass. i'd bet that taylor swift has no idea this broad is her musical archnemesis.

thank you for existing.

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