Monday, December 6, 2010

i felt that: how to turn a doodle into a card

ever want to give up on the crappy selection of cards the drugstore has? why do they carry snuggies for yorkies and off-off name brand peppermints but only 3 or 4 blank cards with such awful black and white photos as a garden of daisies, or 2 naked babies sleeping but holding hands? here's how to make your own blank card with some felt and pizzaz. you'll need:
- a doodle
- felt in your preferred colors (it's 29 cents per sheet at michael's)
- an 8.5 X 11 sheet of white cardstock
- hot glue
- colored thread (optional)
- colored pens (optional)
- an envelope

i had a friend in mind for this card. she likes octopi.
refine your idea.
cut out portions you wish to be felt. i used orange felt for the body, white for the eyes, black for the pupils and mustache.
this is how the felt looks when you buy it.

the envelope measured 4X6 so i cut the cardstock just short of 4X12. i folded it in half as a proper card would open. to add some character, i stitched white thread along the side of the orange felt. i used hot glue to piece it all together on the cardstock. to give it further life, i drew in some waves and bubbles. 
ta-da. octostachin' it.

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