Friday, December 3, 2010

a hop, skip, and a pump

if you're ever hanging out with me at my place while i'm getting ready, you'll probably be sitting on my bed, curled up on one of the many decorative (but totally otherwise useless) pillows. but i won't be the one distracting you from flipping through a vintage issue of the face or pop. your line of vision will be focused on the wide double closets opposite my bed; and your natural sense of curiosity will peak and politeness will go out the blinded windows. i can see it on your face. i'll catch you looking, and i'll read your mind. this is where i indulge you and draw the sliding door open - twice - and your expression, mind you, is a good one. 
you hear about it, maybe you even saw it on cribs. my closets are filled with a sea of mates; racks filled with pairs in all colors, textures, and shapes. yes, i'm talkin' bout shoes. 
though i have all kinds shoes, here are a few of my favorite sneaker high tops. i don't wear them as much as i'd like to. this sounds ridiculous - i know - but i feel short in them, and at 5'10" barefoot, that's impossible. i think it's more that a few of them have a clunky proportion, actually. but i should use that and channel an 80's motley crue groupie and wear it with leggings, an oversized cut up tank with the arm holes low at the waist, a giant slinky scarf, and gold. lots and lots of gold.
i love these from creative recreation. the color combo is one of my favorites: black, red, grey. i switched out the laces for red ones. so much better than white.
 these are a partnership between goodyear and adidas. AND they're satin. a dichotomy of a shoe.
 classy lacoste. i feel like i should go to the mac counter when i wear these. i know. it makes absolutely no sense.
 i love these. so much ankle security. cute, too.

 no, your vision doesn't deceive you. these are indeed "pumps". i'd say there's a common theme in color scheme here...
yeah, i have white sneakers. and you're totally right. they DO get dirty easy and quickly.
had to throw in chucks. the natural rubber detail is a nice touch.

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