Friday, December 31, 2010

positive energy for the new year

my family are an eclectic bunch, religiously at least. on just one side of the family, we've got some orthodox jews, buddhists, and christian scientists. i, myself, am a recovering catholic school girl - plaid uniform, religion class textbook, and all. but i don't care what you're background or religion is, i want to wish you a happy new year and send out some thoughtful phrases i've recently picked up thanks to a very generous, insightful, and caring pal of mine via her gift of don miguel ruiz's "the four agreements".
i'm going to paraphrase here, and keep it short:
- be true to your word
- don't take anything personally
- never assume, ask questions
- be your best
though it sounds ridiculously simple, it's actually kind of hard to practice all 4 at the same time. well, nobody's perfect...and of course, the book breaks it down for you to easily digest. what i got out of it is to live a less cluttered, truthful, and aware life. cheers.

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