Monday, December 27, 2010

rings i fancy

i once interviewed an artist for an open position at the company i worked at who handed me her portfolio, a bound look book as i recall. as i opened it to the first page, i saw the unexpected: herself as her own model in different poses for her t-shirt designs. "oh look, it's you," i said, in passing small talk. and because of this experience (which was not off-putting, simply unexpected as i've stated), i will always remember her as "the girl who modeled her own portfolio." so although i have nice hands and nail beds, i chose not to have them pictured for this exact reason. here are some of my favorite rings.
i just picked this up. it's gold with a "diamond cut" garnet. its finish makes it look like it was crafted by robin hood, which i mean: looks aged and medieval. 
 i lost a beloved silver signet pinky ring last month that i've had since i was a teenager. sad face. i really wanted to find this in gold, but alas, it was not meant to be. just as well...i'm still working on my relationship with gold.
plain silver cross. you can take the girl outta catholic school, but you can't take the catholic school outta the girl.
black leather ring.
i have a fondness for anchor items. not all, but some.
this is fashioned out of horn. really light and has an interesting grain.
 this is my treasure. it belonged to my grandmother whom i loved more than anything. she was a slight, slim woman with elegant taste and sophistication; a true beauty. my like for fashion came from her influence. i feel lucky to have it, and was surprised that it actually fit me. yeah, i should try to wear gold more often.

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