Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the watch whisperer

it delights me that my neighbor just adopted a huge black pitbull with a white chest and named it "oreo" (because that's what you do in long beach.) it similarly delights me to collect watches because it's what i started doing as a teen when i graduated from sticker albums. here are a few of the ugliest ones i have.
this is one of the first ones. i found it at the jewelry mart in san francisco at one of the novelty watch shops. the band is made of bullets! i never went thru a goth/trenchcoat phase though...
to view the time, you turn the bullet chamber. genius.
my friend said to me,"i found the ugliest watch on the bus today." this was it. thank you shannon, where ever you are.
the best part is that when you read the time, another motorcycle is on the face and the other end is a mirror.
who says alpine village is full of crappy $1 socks. i found joan jett for $10 about 8 years ago.
another well designed, clever consumer good from japan.
this watch makes me nervous. it doesn't just simply tell you the time. it engineers charts and graphs that you have to decipher. it takes about 30 seconds before you can answer,"it's 3:46...i think."
yes, this watch really is just THAT gold. i love this watch, but i've already replaced its batteries twice in the few years i've owned it. dear seiko, please make this solar powered in the future.

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