Monday, December 20, 2010

really? when little people take over...

our youth obsessed culture has been insulting our intelligence for quite some time now. the fact that "celebrated preteen news" previously found only in tiger beat and BOP 8-10 years ago is now common fodder found covered on every crap tabloidal entertainment show makes me feel the same way as when i hear the same story of a friend's sister's friend's boyfriend (whom i don't know) word for word for the 5th time. which is to say: bored and annoyed, cubed.
i saw this today in bazaar magazine. really, bazaar? i would expect this in US or INSTYLE, but you're supposed to expose me to stellar handmade gold monkey bone pendants by a vegan brooklynite jeweler who moonlights as an ozark fiddle player when not collaborating with chloe sevigny on children's puppet shows.
the caption reads: "the new it girls. here's a cheat sheet of the latest crop of pop culture's It girls: ten year old hollywood royalty willow smith is rocking her way to the top, while up and coming french starlet lea seydoux is winning the hearts of audiences everywhere. a-list arrivistes!" "rocking"? just this word alone gets a disappointed tsk tsk to the writer. i mean, hoorah, she has a pop song out. but these are kids; they should be drinking capri suns and downloading pony screen savers. if kids are growing up too fast, it's this type of coverage and want that is to blame (as well as the parents.)
10 year olds are "it girls" now...right, because a one digit age was maybe "going too far". somewhere at barney's, suri cruise (aged 4) is really pissed off she missed out on this.

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