Friday, December 10, 2010

this happened: part 2: the time i worked with the asian sarah palin

i've worked with several designers over the years. one of them i was somewhat surprised to see more recently on a reality tv show. but this is not about him, he was actually great to work with; no story, except that he looks like a popular wrestler. well, a vegan, manorexic version, at least. no no, this is about an all together different "personality" and i shall call her M. 
in one of our weekly design meetings, the task at hand was to come up with different words or phrases we could use on tees for the line. (we call that "verbage" in the industry, wink wink.) for you to get a mental picture, M can easily be described as an asian sarah palin physically: hair swept back, nice cheek bones, smart glasses. for you to get a feeling for her personality, M was a nationality that amongst asians is known to be far right, religious zealots (but not enough to protest), and tough as nails. so, yes, a small packaged force to be reckoned with.
so there we were, designers and artists taking turns reading aloud the phrases we had come up with. when it was her turn, these were a few examples of what she wanted to use: "miracle baby", "trinity", "the power", and so on and so forth. you get the picture. oh, you don't? well, let me show you in the forms of the ones i got to design.
 "miracle baby" or what i like to call "the baby we didn't abort".
"trinity cycles". yeah, we ride for god.

her stint at the company was brief. not because of her religious inputs or the strength of her design skills, but because like so many cases, not everyone gets along in such a fast paced, money driven, rhinestudded environment. it was only after she left that her quiet, subdued and shy assistant came to my office to finally exhale and spill the beans. "M used to close the door to our room and tell me my boyfriend and i were living in sin because we aren't married and live together. she said i'm going to hell." well, yeah, of course she did.

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