Tuesday, December 21, 2010

i love you: the gingers edition

i have a fascination with redheads. not male redheads, good god, nope. i imagine most of their body parts to be in a constant shade of sunburned. i prefer to dwell on pretty girls with red hair and alabaster skin dusted gently with freckles. here are my favorites.
tilda swinton. i'm not really into androgyny, but i get her. she's played men more than once. remember "orlando" or "constantine"? what i like about the roles she plays is that often her character is not very likable nor necessarily good. yet, you keep watching because you must know how the story ends. better than turning it off completely when someone like, oh say, katherine heigl is on.
julianne moore. she's so fearless in the roles she plays. "boogie nights", "chloe"? come on. good stuffs.
kristen mcmenamy. ok, i'm not certain that she's a natural redhead or not, but she has been one at one time or another. she's gone through an andro/goth stage with black hair, blond with no eyebrows - just plain severity to the extreme. and i'm into it.
bryce dallas howard. i don't even care that she was in a "twilight" movie. i'm a fan.
florence welch. no surprise here. i heart everything about her. even her crazy, old maid/librarian style (which is not shown here.)

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